IV Infusions Therapy Aberdeen NJ

IV Infusions Therapy Aberdeen NJ

IV Infusions Therapy Aberdeen NJ

IV Infusions Therapy Aberdeen NJ

IV Infusions Therapy Aberdeen NJ

We offer the finest quality IV hydration therapies from Liquivida for overall well-being, immune boosting, or even treating/preventing a hangover. Treatments are performed in our beautiful and comfortable location in Aberdeen and take about 30-45 minutes. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on life’s daily challenges. We offer several nutrient blends, including Rise & Shine, Natural Defense, and our most popular, Fountain of Youth. IV hydration can also aid in weight loss! Please inquire about in-home treatment options as well.

We bring to your care the experience and professionalism to:

  • Ensure you meet the treatment requirements
  • Deliver your treatment
  • Keep you comfortable
  • Handle any special needs
  • Monitor your treatment

We offer Specialized IV Infusion Therapy

If you are newly diagnosed and looking for an infusion therapy” service, we offer a variety of IV Therapy Infusion Treatments.  As a full-service infusion provider, we offer IV Vitamins, IV Treatments as well as a variety of other IV Treatments.




Why Us?

Dima Wellness was created by Dima Mousselli and her husband, Dr. Asaad H. Samra. Established in 2022, it is the culmination of years of personal trials and tribulations. Years ago, Dima just didn’t feel “right” or like her usual self. She was suffering from insomnia, weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, anxiety as well as other symptoms. She began to research potential explanations and associated treatments. She soon learned that she was experiencing the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance. She sought treatment with various doctors to treat the imbalance, including traditional endocrinologists, but she simply did not get the relief she needed.

As difficult as it was for Dima, it was also difficult for Asaad, especially as a physician. He desperately wanted to help her. Much of his career as a plastic surgeon had been spent helping women feel whole again, and yet now he was at a loss for how to treat his own wife. He felt compelled to learn about perimenopause and hormone replacement therapies to ensure his wife obtained the relief she deserved, despite being limited in what he had already been taught in his medical training. Traditional medicine does not teach much about treating hormone imbalance, nor does it give much direction for care of the perimenopausal woman nor for the man going through andropause.

As Dima tried different therapies, they discovered there were several ways, styles and efficacies of treatments, most of which were insufficient. They knew there must be a better, more reliable way. As they came across Biote and bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, Dima and Asaad felt that they had finally found a better way to treat declining hormones and address the negative effects of aging. Asaad obtained formal training and went on to become a Certified Biote Provider himself. It was extremely gratifying to witness Dima’s long-awaited relief and vast improvement. Building upon their unique knowledge and firsthand experience, Dima and Asaad decided that they wanted to also help others, including men, regain their vitality. With a focus on sound science as well as innovative and safe therapies, Dima Wellness was born.


Welcome to Dima Wellness

We are here to help you optimize your health.
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